Freezer Beef


You can buy a whole or you and a friend can each buy a half of  our family farm raised beef.  We raise our Angus cross calves with no hormones, shots, or antibiotics on our specially blended, high protein pasture grass mix.

Whole Beef:                  $500.00 Down Payment required                                                      

One Half Beef:             $250.00 Down Payment required                                                     

One Quarter Beef:     $250.00 Down Payment required


Price based on the hanging weight of animal  

Call for current pricing
(509) 899-1631 or (509) 899-2123



Custom Cut – Wrap – Grind                                           $  1.10/lb

Disposal Fee                                                                         $  .05/lb

Slaughter Fee – per animal                       Whole     $ 150 (+Tx)  

                                                                               Half          $75 (+Tx)  

                                                                              Quarter   $40 (+Tx)           

  * 5% Fee for Credit Card use