Custom Cuts

Bring us your domestic or game carcass to us for custom cut, grind and wrap. 

After Honest Cut Meats has scheduled a kill and process date with you, the owner of the beef, it is up you, the owner, to coordinate and communicate with your customers if these animals are going to multiple people, not me.  If their check is not good, I will expect you to make it right.

We have a minimum fee if the animals are too light, under 600 pounds.  Beware of this.  Quarters have a higher per pound price, as well as the minimum. They have fewer choices available, so encourage your customers cut in halves, then separate into quarters themselves.  It will save them money and me time!  

All of this information is on our cut sheets.  Please look them over and get them filled out and to us before the very day that I need them, so I’m not screaming at you!



To place an order download one of the forms on our Custom Cut page, file print it, and fill it out.  Take a quick pic with your phone, and email it to   You can also text it to 509-899-1631 and we will get you squared away!

Custom Cuts

Order Domestic Custom Cuts – Whole or Half Beef

Order Domestic Custom Cuts – Quarter Beef

Order Domestic Custom Cuts – Hog

Order Domestic Custom Cuts – Lamb

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